Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Insyde BIOS/EFI menu unlocking - Some interesting news!!

One of the main irritating issues of the major laptop manufacturers is they intentionally cripple the BIOS setup i.e hide most of the menus/options. This is a real pain for the power users.

I have seen very often Insyde BIOS/EFI unlocking requests. Hector Marti­n Cantero, better known as "marcan" had done some preliminary research on this topic. Later Jakob Heinemann revised his python scripts and somehow generalized the unlocking procedure.

But their patching techniques are obsolete now and they aren't working on most of the new laptops. Fortunately Sebashi@MDL has found a way to unlock the locked 'Advance' menu and partially succeed to access the overclocking options.

Good news for the bios modding communities, isn't it?? Stay tuned for more interesting news... :)