Sunday, April 14, 2013

Will there be an option of 'boot to desktop' in Windows Blue??

Since Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft removes the ability to directly boot to desktop without showing the metro start screen. Well, there are many ways to overcome this limitation e.g using a service that runs before winlogon (used by Classic Shell) or installing tokens of previous editions of Windows etc.

But seems that Microsoft will officially re-enable this feature. In the leaked Windows Blue build 9364, it can be seen that twinui.dll has a line of code that is responsible for disabling the metro start screen.

In Windows Blue build 9364, there is no such feature spotted (yet), but twinui.dll proves that the Redmond Giant is working on it.


Seems that the original article is removed (Thanks to FaiKee@MDL). So I have posted the screenshot from

Another edit ;)

ms-7@MDL pointed me to the original post on this topic by nosferati87@MDL.