Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Firefox x64 build

This is an unmodified, a.k.a vanilla, 64-bit (x64) PGO build of Mozilla Firefox taken from the release branch. 
As a 64-bit application it needs 64-bit plugins, the 32-bit ones won't work. The extensions work like they do with the 32-bit Firefox. 
Of course this build will use the same Firefox profile, so be careful when uninstalling any of the two builds, not to remove your settings and stuff. 
The update checker and the crash reporter are disabled since this isn't an officially supported build.

Now, regarding speed, you should do your own benchmarks compared to the same 32-bit version of the browser. Certainly don't expect any miracles and in fact the 64-bit build might be slower in some cases. 
Anyway, do your own benchmarks and keep in mind that this isn't an official build.